No doubt from the cover what this book is all about: the power of change, by Richard Gerver. Richard was a head teacher who turned around a failing school in Derbyshire using inspirational and innovative techniques (and a philosophy of 'living, learning and laughing'). The transformation, in just two years, was recognised worldwide and Richard picked up the School Head Teacher of the Year Award in 2005.

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A Prince Among Stones

Prince Rupert Loewenstein

Apart from the fact that this is a wonderful book, it was an important book as Prince Rupert Loewenstein, who was the Rolling Stones’ business manager for nearly four decades, died the year after its publication. We would otherwise have missed his distinctive, coolly witty take on not just the world of rock’n’roll but the changing world that he observed with a wry twinkle in the eye.

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Forget Strategy. Get Results

Michael Tobin OBE

A first book working with the Wiley business team, Forget Strategy. Get Results is a distillation of the distinctive, very individual business approach of Michael Tobin – CEO of the FTSE250 technology company TelecityGroup plc.

Michael views the world in a way that demands a new business approach. To encourage his teams to break old patters of thinking, he took them to Scotland to swim with sharks.

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A renowned leadership and teamwork consultant, Khoi Tu examines in details the story of seven hugely successful teams - all legendary Superteams - and draws practical lessons, learning and inspiration from them.

 By taking a specific moment of opportunity, Khoi is able to explain principles through a strong narrative. So the techniques the Pixar animation team evolved when their first full-length movie Toy Story was two weeks from disaster demonstrates how to forge common purpose in the crucible of crisis.

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Start Your Business In 7 Days

James Caan

The follow-up to Get The Job You Really Want, this book neatly sums up James Caan’s approach to entrepreneurship: get up and get on with it – and turn your business idea into a life-changing success. There is no point in navel-gazing.

If God can make a world in seven days, James comments, with his tongue firmly in cheek, why not a business? What James does is create seven core steps that have to be addressed and resolved for success: Is my idea really a business? Does my idea work? Have I got an order? Does my costing work? Have I put together the right team? What have I missed? Is my investment in place?

As always his advice is based on huge experience (of the right and wrong way to succeed), great common sense and a genuine humanity. As James says, 'Everybody wants to be an entrepreneur. Every single day of my life I am bombarded by people with pitches. But 90% of new businesses fail, because their founders failed to ask themselves the simplest of questions.'

Having started out in the recruitment and headhunting business James really understands people. Combined with his distinctive voice and a natural storytelling feel: that’s why his books resonate. The cover of the second edition includes direct quotes from readers who had benefited from the advice and insights in the book – the best of all testimonials which reinforce why this was chosen as #3 in The Independent’s Best Start-Up Books.

"James Caan shows a real desire to help the reader, and his insights have substance. I like the balance between theory, deep practicality and psychology. Many people could have a different and more positive future if they read this book." John Vincent, co-founder of Leon restaurants


Portfolio Penguin

Paperback, 240 pages

Published 1st March 2012

978 0 6709 2064 8


2nd edition paperback

Published 7th March 2013

978 0 6709 2065 5